Pronimen began in 2003 primarily as a (private label) manufacturer, producing specialist copper and fibre cable for British Telecommunications. 

Initially based in Shanghai China, relocating to Chongqing in 2012, and today post covid – Operations are split equally between England and China 

Pronimen has several sectors

Telecommunications Product Development and Manufacturing

Sourcing from China 


Retail and Fitness Products Manufacturing 

Items Pronimen Manufacture (private label & Pronimen branded)

1 – Hyperfast 5G Fibre, Pre terminated fibre assemblies, pre connectorised fibre assemblies, pre terms, bespoke custom made fibre assemblies, pre terminated multicore cable assemblies, pre terminated multimode fibre cable assemblies, optical fibre assemblies, bespoke optical fibre assemblies, grade A pre terminated bespoke single & multicore hyper fast fibre assemblies,

DSLAM assemblies, 32 pair subscriber channel pre terminated copper cable assemblies, G-Fast connectorised copper cable assemblies, VDSL DLSAM assemblies, multicore twisted pair copper cable assemblies, CW1128 copper cable assemblies, CW1308 copper cable assemblies, bespoke custom made copper cable assemblies, 64 pin to stub dslam cable assembly.

BT3002, BT3002 single core copper cable, BT3002 8 core, BT3002 16 core BT approved copper cable. RA8000 copper cable, CW1308 copper cable, CW1128 Copper cable.

2 – BT approved cables, Eir approved cables, Etisalat Approved Cables, over engineered copper & fibre cable

3 – Bespoke special cables division, bespoke custom made mining copper and fibre cables, bespoke custom made mining armoured fibre copper cable fibre.

4 – Telco Installation accessories, i.e. cable ties, kits, ducting, trunking, screws, nails, fixings, etc.

5 – LED Lighting (warning lights)

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“As a company, we have found Pronimen to display utmost trust and unrivalled professionalism with all business interactions.”
British Telecom
“During our 18 years, there has been no limitations to the lengths and value Pronimen have placed on us as a client – Thank You”
Ernest Hanble

“It’s incredibly challenging to describe Pronimen other that to state the obvious – Marvellous and outstanding.”

Robert Bundle