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IT'S NEVER CROWDED ALONG THE EXTRA MILE "Wayne Dyer" - Pronimen | Products | Private Label | Manufacturing Year 2003 Pronimen were commissioned to design and manufacture 21st Century Network products on behalf of British Telecommunications PLC. Since then, Pronimen have become renowned "as an extra mile provider" of both product & services within the Telecommunications Infrastructure, Civil Engineering, Local,  National & International Governments. Enabling A Brighter, Lighter, Digital Future OTHER SECTORS



BUY LESS, CHOOSE LESS, MAKE IT LAST "Vivienne Westwood" - From inception to completion, Pronimen provide the entire pre/procurement/sourcing lifecycle. Drawing from 20 year data base collation of 250,000+ quality compliant factories and fully accredited suppliers. Pronimen have gained considerable respect with an outstanding track record of precision procurement, vendor reduction and supply chain optimisation. Visit SOURCING FROM CHINA WITH MING Tender Ready Optimised Procurement Sourcing Vendor Reduction SCM VISIT SOURCING FROM CHINA WITH MING OTHER SECTORS



THE TRUTH IS THAT TEAMWORK IS AT THE HEART OF GREAT ACHIEVEMENT "John C Maxwell" - Pronimen | Projects | Contracts | Management In 2003 Pronimen were commissioned to provide £21 Million of 21CN by British Telecommunications. Since then Pronimen have gone onto provide design, delivery and deployment with "products & services" to high high street Telco Infrastructure, Rail, Civil Engineering, Local & National Government, and Worldwide Military Sectors. If everyone is moving together, then success takes care of itself - "Henry Ford"



NOTHING IS AS FAST AS THE SPEED OF TRUST "Stephen Covey" - Pronimen | FTTP | Upgrade | Full Installs Pronimen are a first tier primary manufacturer and contractor, designing, delivering and deploying, i.e. installing full fibre systems, upgrades that reach world class speeds of up to 100 Gbps.  Our FTTX / FFTP (fibre to the home / premises) use "Grade A - HyperFastFibre"which is renowned as the worlds finest fibre. Installs are carried out for Local & National Government, and Worldwide Private Sectors. Installing A Brighter Future



QUALITY IS NOT AN ACT, IT'S A HABIT "Aristotle" Pronimen | Industrial | Commercial | Retail Pronimen are a first tier manufacturer, designing, delivering and supporting both the commercial and private sectors i.e. manufacturing world class commercial products, to personal items used on a daily basis - Many of Pronimen's products carry the Pronimen logo, denoting years of research & design, striving to excel personal and professional expectations. Manufacturing A Brighter Future INDUSTRIAL Since 2003 Pronimen have been assisting the industrial markets in the design and manufacture of


TiA | Begins Here!

LEARN HOW TO SEE. REALISE THAT EVERYTHING CONNECTS TO EVERYTHING ELSE "Leonardo Da Vinci" TiA - Esoteric Business Professionals Psychology There exists two forms of business psychology. That is "general business psychology" which primarily targets "out there", the modulation of physical matter, and there exists  "private psychology", such as (TiA) which enters into an esoterically inner-stood relationship involving both "the inner and the Æther". Often described as the primordial substance, Æther is the observable property absent to the five senses, yet perceivable with practice.

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