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The Team

The Executive Team

We are a team of people whose expertise is unrivalled both in terms of Communications Technology and Innovation throughout the world. We believe with the right leadership, our educational and technical support and indeed our manufacturing capability, we can help our clientele change the world for their citizens, for the better.

John Rainford

Chief Executive Officer

John Rainford has worked as a consultant on technology and innovation for major research and technology companies such as Shell Global Solutions, ABB and Rolls Royce. He has lectured widely around the world and is considered a thought leader in conceptualising future for smart cities, dynamic communications and AI. He is a network partner with CISCO.

Dave Morgan

Chief Operating Officer

Dave Morgan is a Design Engineer and has worked for Marconi, British Telecom and Microsoft on physical infrastructure and communications network projects, pioneering research on hybrid and optical fibre communications. He has lectured widely in the telecoms industry.

Dane Vincent

Chief Information Officer

Dane Vincent’s expertise is in Research for Technology Hardware, software and Communication devices. He has worked for a number of multi- million dollar Blue Chip companies and has been designated partner status with Google, Microsoft and CISCO.

Ming Ren

Chief Product Officer

Ming Ren’s career began in Diplomatic and public relations and moved to the media, including film and television. She then progressed to the telecommunications industry dealing extensively with products and services. Ming is very much hands on and client focused and is highly respected in the industry for her diligence and attention to detail.