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How To Spot A Dodgy Chinese Seller on Ebay

How To Spot A Dodgy Chinese Seller on Ebay COVID-19 - At present there is a global shortage of not only fitness, but most all product coming out from China, which has spawned and now feeding an endless amount of unscrupulous sellers. Please please be aware there are a vast number of Chinese sellers [...]

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CoronaVirus & Home Fitness Supply Update

7th April Update 11.30 pm DHL Delivered the N95 Masks which were ordered weeks AFTER the fitness sets - Allow us to explain. DHL driver just delivered the masks which were ordered after the fitness sets, yet to the best of our knowledge "the masks were placed on the same flight as the fitness [...]

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Corona Virus Update 23-02-2020

3 Main Bites From the CBBC 1 - Restrictions on movement and quarantine controls will slow economic activity through February 2 - Nonetheless, experience strongly suggests that tourism, hospitality and related industries such as luxury retail will be the areas most affected. Other sectors such as retail and manufacturing are likely to see a [...]

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