Special Cable Division

Bespoke fibre, copper, hybrid interior make up, jacket construction, and lengths.

“There exists all but a handfull of specialist cable manufacturers – we are one of those specialists”

David Morgan

Pronimen C.O.O

During the past 12 months, Pronimen Special Cable Division have manufactured 1,000KM of cable.

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Existing Cable Supplier


FACTIOD: The majoritory (not all) – Yet the majoritory of cable suppliers including branded names forward their special cable orders to China.

The main factory sub-contract your bespoke cable to a smaller specialist factory.

Average number of times a cable order can be sub-contracted out to
Cost Inflation Due to Sub-Contracting

Pro Speicalist Cables


FACTIOD: Pronimen have been manufacturing specialist & bespoke cables for branded and private label clients since 2003.

Today, Pronimen offer cable direct from the source with no additional charges – You Choose!

Pronimen cable is direct (it is not sub-contracted on to any other sub-contractor)
Savings Made Directly

Specialist Cable Sectors


  • Bespoke Short Lengths
  • Bespoke Hybrids
  • Bespoke Armoured’s
  • Bespoke Jackets
  • Bespoke Configurations
  • Oil & Gas
  • Petrochem & Offshore
  • Deep Well
  • Mining
  • Mud & Sludge Proof
  • Fire Hazard
  • Low Smokes
  • Oxidation Resistant
  • Low Operating Temp
  • Swimming Pool Cable
  • Underwater Cables
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Deep Burial Cables
  • Heavy Load Span
  • Weather Resistant


Land | Sea | Underground

Designed and manufactured bespoke own label specialist armoured fibre cable for mining facility.


Designed and manufactured private label BT3002 specialist copper cable directly on behalf of British Telecom England.


Pronimen were the first British company to gain full BT3002 approval leading to the initiation and subsequent upgrade of the United Kingdom’s telecommunications backbone system.

Sourced, designed and manufactured private label specialist copper cable directly on behalf of Etisilat Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.



United Kingdom

Based in the United Kingdom, with a second HQ located in ChongQing China. Quotations are in Native English, manufacturing is also done by us – in China.

  • 1-2 Day Quote Turnaround
  • Short Length Specialists
  • Average 5-10 Day Lead Time
  • Fast 4-5 Day Air Freight Available
  • Specialising Since 2003


Overall | Different | Cheaper

Overall there is very little in the way of pricing variation when comparing standard fibre to the latest HyperFastFibre.

Unlike copper cable (the predecessor to standard fibre), laying fibre can be more time consuming requiring considerable more care and extra tooling. In fact it has been said that 50% of todays poor fibre speeds are down to poor installation rather than inferior fibre. That said, in todays competitive market environments the importance of fibre grading has become paramount (often derived as a result of less than optimum performing systems).

HyperFastFibre has a differing approach – From initial core fibre construction to under/overground installation, to final end user experience – an optimised premium can be derived. From concept to completion, the overall cost is the same if not less than a standard, or other equal systems, though because HyperFastFibre delivers the highest, i.e “optimum end user experience – derived from it’s core manufacturing differences”, it has built in longevity, providing passive dividends back to it’s investors.

  • Faster Fibre Rod

  • Faster Bend Radius
  • Faster Overall
  • Lasts Longer
  • Quicker Install
  • Passive Returns

The Process

Fast | Efficient | Effortless

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