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Welcome to Sourcing With Ming

( By Pronimen )

Hi There, I'm Ming

Hi There – I’m Ming, choose me as your contact.

Ming is native Chinese, fully fluent in British English. She has gained over 20 years industry experience, and is renowed as a “delight to work with”.

“Ming’s sourcing skills are fabulous. She helped us streamline our sourcing and unlock our procurement potential. We have experienced year on year growth due to her progressive approach.”

Dan Anderson

Hemisferio’s CEO

How Ming’s End2End Sourcing Works!

In Brief

  • Purchase Small Items in Small Quantities

  • Buy Direct – From Source to Delivery

  • No Agents, No Middlemen, & No Fees

  • Upload – A Tender, Sourcing, or Procurement List
  • Wait 1-2 Days – Max 3-4 – Receive a Reply

  • No Pressure, No Calls, You Decide
  • Privacy is Paramount (NDA’s, are Standard, also happy to sign yours)

What Ming Offers

Since early 2003 – I have been manufacturing, sourcing and procuring largely for the Telecommunications Infrastructure & Data Networks Sector, and i do this for Operators, Large Corporate companies, SME’s, and on behalf of Governments (most of which you may already know).

Yet my or better stated our uniqueness is having a wealth of experience. Dave my British husband has been in the Telco industry for over 30 years, so this is very natural to us. That said, to accurately describe our uniqueness is a challenge.

While there are many sources, procurers and an endless supply of suppliers, our proficiency stems from our ability to sift through the wheat from the chaff “so to speak”. Our clients benefit from what can only be described as “years and years of raw experiences” (client words).

Our understanding of genuine factory, or genuinely accredited supplier, diligence, trust, acceptability, standards, price, fairness, shipping, delivery, etc etc. Our knowledge of suppliers inner workings, behind the scenes, the good, the challenging, and the down right difficult. Our relentless pursuit of client requirement, client needs, desires, and our hours and hours of footwork, our days and weeks of desk work, and the months and years of hard grind is what separates us from others and (we’ve built up a reputable list/data base of credible factories), so we know who and what to avoid. This is what we believe our uniquness to be – Especially post COVID.

For me, nothing is too much trouble for, and may that be emphasised? nothing is too much trouble. I/we operate 7 days a weeks, 365 days a year, answer emails at 2am, visit factories at 5am, and work to clients deadlines on tenders and projects when needs arise. This we trust adds to our uniqueness.

My philosophy – What the client requires is what the client gets, and it is this what I trust you will expereince defines me/us as unique.

Since 2003 – Telecommunications (Infrastructure & Installation Equipment)

Since 2004 – Rail

Since 2005 – Infrastructure

Since 2009 – Wind-Farm

Since 2017 – Retail

Since 2020 – Professional Gym/Fitness Equipment was added to my portfolio

2020 – 2021 – Post Covid – 5G sourcing “rapid expansion took place”

Who is Ming ?

Sourcing with myself “Ming” which is also termed “End 2 End Sourcing” is a subsidiary of Pronimen, with all quotations and invoicing derriving from my/our parent Pronimen.

Fronting the team is myself “Ming Ren”, and others now consider me to be fluent in British Business English and of course native in my mother tongue “Mandarin Chinese”. I have over 20 years sourcing, procuring, tendering and contract management experience.

Second in line is Dave Morgan, with over 30 years product manufacturing both home and abroad.

Dave is Native British, naturally fluent in English with the ability to converse in Mandarin Chinese.

My sourcing history dates back to the year 2000 when I was commissioned to source, procure and eventually manufacture 21st Century Network Products for British Telecommunications PLC.

Since then, I have gone onto provide end 2 end sourcing and procurement services for both public & private clients across a wide variety of sectors.

What does a typical client look like? There is no typical client. When i’m sourcing and procuring a typical day for me can take many forms, such as sourcing a quality bag of nails, to working with large complex tenders with thousands of line items.

I operate on a no win no fee basis, with the understanding quality, competitiveness and consistency is a shared goal.

How Much Can Ming Save You?

Ming’s End 2 End, which really means. Door to Door service. i.e sourcing to delivery, clients save an overall average of between 5-30%

On average, the clients I engage with save between 5-30%

Example: When procuring items (particularly large lists such as an excel), implementing and adhering to a predefined set of human type algorithms is the most intuitive and to date, has proven to be the most optimal way to purchase. However, unlike westernised systems, the far east, (in particular China) who leads the way in hierarchal relationships (which roughly translate into a perceived flat supplier), i.e. vendor-ship reduction, gives sight to an optimisation opportunity when procuring.

In the far east, items made in a said “designated” factory are often made elsewhere. They are outsourced, “sub-contracted” out. Often there are many levels of subs leading to sub-sub-sub-contractor and with each requiring their own margins of profit, the furtherest away is often the least paid.

For many company buyers, their product was outsourced not once, but on several levels, yet as it’s sold through a first tier factory or supplier, this knowledge is not visible.

When i’m sourcing for clients, generally they require and End 2 End service. That is, quality products delivered to their door as inexpensive, as smoothly, and as quickly as possible. All communications are directly with the factory that makes the product, therefore I an able to pass on the savings directly to you.

It’s not rocket science and I understand anyone can do what I/we do, yet we believe what sets us apart is our experience, the way we approach business, our database of credible suppliers and our 20 year knowledge of Chinese suppliers.

I have been all over China several times, visitied more factories and suplliers than most, it’s been my life, and hopefully that’s something you can benefit from.

A client example:

in 2013 a high street, household name had over 800 supply chain vendors on their books, 600 located in China.

While I never intentionally set out to reduce their large vendor base, selectively assessing individual products on a one by one basis led to a 7 year systematic reduction with an upscale in quality a shortening in lead-time & delivery, and an overall saving in cost.

Through negotiations – today i/we have consolidated my/our clients sub-contractor operations, tweaked production processes leading to a natural vendor reduction of over 60%, at the same time showing an overall cost saving of £1.25 million GBP per annum.

I’m not suggesting this can be replicated over and over, but this is a real life situation that is more common than most realise.

During my 20 years, I have discovered that when sourcing from China, overall significant savings can still be made. I hope the next saving can be made for you.

We all desire to set off from point A and reach point B as quickly and as smoothly as possible. We all desire strife free communications, simple transactions, and deadlines to be met in a timely fashion.

My job is to streamlines this process, eliminating natural kinks in the supply source, and ironing out bumps in the procurement process. In short, i/we free up your time while delivering an overall cost saving.

FACT: There are just some some costs a foreigner (i.e Laowai 老外 pronounced lao why) cannot and would never be able to take out of the supply chain, and by the very nature of a Chinese supplier located in China, nor can they (it’s forbidden). Yet an impartial Chinese who’s knowledgeable, located outside of China can, and with relative ease legally circumnavigate the system to provide their client with a saving which otherwise would have remained invisible.


  • Optimise Efficiency
  • Streamline Vendor Supplies

  • Increase “Supply Security”

In the post pandemic era, it is “end-to-end value optimisation”, an idea that includes both resilience and efficiency alongside cost, that will prevail


Post covid, revenue has increased 280%. Inbuilding a “Buffer” has now become an essential.

David Morgan

C.O.O – End 2 End Sourcing

The very nature of global supply chains and their innate fragility means that arguments about shortening them have been brewing for years.

End to End – Post-COVID

End to End is not just a simple shortening of a supply chain, it’s a transparent real time system bridging primary source to end procurers utilising one vendor.

Yet the very act of vendor reduction is a complex and intricate task requiring continual monitoring, assessment and compliance feedback of environmental, quality standards, ingredient authenticity and labour laws. My “End to End sourcing” provides these services as a means to accelerate progressive change while maintaining seamless uninterrupted supply chains.

As globalisation expands and contracts, vendor lists, quality assessments, price monitoring and system efficiency also fluctuate. They grow in complexity, often heightening fragmentation. End to End offers a commercial dendrite, increasing optimisation velocity, macro business resilience, and economic systems efficiency.

In contrast to operating from a traditional model of “just in time”, i.e. purchase to schedule that to date has served well allowing businesses to grow through “leanness and efficiency”, the newer formula of “just in case” replaces this (post-covid).

What does that mean?

just in time for just in case” provides globalised, national and localised goods – All from one vendor and whilst not an entirely new formula, due to and post-covid life has accelerated this need.

The way i/we operate super-seeds just in time by eliminating supply chain disruptions while maintaining real time feedback allowing procurement, continuity, and instantaneous adjustments across all sectors.

This Is What I Help To Solve?

Too Many Links!

Too many vendors, sub-contractors, sub-sub-contractors, & sub-sub-sub contractors?


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My End 2 End sourcing solutions have a long history and now proven experience that reducing the links reduces costs, interuptions, disruptions and delays. While improving quality, efficency, lead times, and costs.

A Mission To Save!

Consolodating SSSC’s, SSC’s, SC’s, into ONE End 2 End vendor can yeild vast savings.


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At the core I am a lady that saves, and without expanding too much, my End 2 End sourcing solutions have yielded much joy and benefit for those who have engaged with my services (written testimonials can be provided upon request).

Ming’s Projects

BT 21st CN

Sourced, designed and manufactured private label BT3002 specialist copper cable directly on behalf of British Telecom England.



Sourced, designed and manufactured private label specialist copper cable directly on behalf of Etisilat Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.



Sourced, designed and manufactured private label DLSAM assemblies, and installation equipment directly on behalf of Eir Ireland.



Sourced, designed and manufactured private label 5G telco accessories and installation equipment directly on behalf of NBI Ireland.



Designed and manufactured own and private label fibre closures for major telco operator.

Open – Ongoing


Designed and manufactured bespoke own label specialist armoured fibre cable for mining facility.


Open – Ongoing

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