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Creating cleaner, quieter and better-connected communities. Convenient and connected

As an infrastructure solution, our mission is to enable smart cities connectivity, all while providing convenient and reliable access to EV charging. For EVs to be a true revolution, they need to be accessible to everyone. That’s why our focus is on-street residential charging, where residents do not have access to off-street parking, and long-stay car parks, where dwell times are prolonged.

Connectivity is key

From start to finish, we use data to ensure the success of our solutions:

  • Data science, artificial intelligence and data analytics are utilised to identify prospective charge point locations that are best-aligned to support the growth of EV use and ownership.
  • Our charge points are enabled with broadband and 5G connectivity, so from the day the charge point goes live, it’s connected to support a host of hardware and software applications, IoT sensors and data-driven transport and mobility applications.
  • Our own advanced software platforms manage our smart node networks, optimising energy usage, ensuring reliability and accessibility, and enabling different business use cases. Our consumer applications for smart phones provide a flexible, compelling and easy-to-use set of features to support your own customers.