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Smart Cities

Artificial Intelligence (Ai) and Communication Technologies will transform our future.

The drive to make cities smarter is all about digital technology – harnessing and making sense of data. To do more with less. Helping to make our people digitally smarter is the first step to creating a better future. We need a shared aspirational vision of our digital future shared by all generations.

Artificial Intelligence (Ai) and Communication Technologies will transform our future in the 4th Industrial Age. Arthur C Clarke once famously wrote that “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. In the ‘City and the Stars’ – a best seller science fiction classic that he wrote in the 1950’s he describes a room that was surrounded on all sides by a 360 ‘real time’ projected scene from another part of the world. When we read this now in the 21st century we realise what a genius and futuristic thinker he was. Now, with fibre optics, this vision can be realised. We are in magical times where our imagination becomes reality thanks to our communication infrastructure, the innovative insights and the Pronimen manufacturing capability of fibre-optic cable technology. 5G and IoT can unlock huge benefits to industry improving existing processes and ‘unplanned’ downtime, maximising profits. According to Cap Gemini up to 80% of industry leaders consider 5G and IoT critical to their digital transformation. Crucially the future of 5G depends on the infrastructure that is why pronimen’s involvement and planning is so important.

The real challenge for the wellbeing and economics of our society is the speed at which we adopt the infrastructure of super fast broadband – fibre optics (5G) and the Transformational Leadership and the up-skilling of ‘Digital Skills’ that we will need to acquire this better and brighter future for all. If we look at the advent of Smart Cities, Europe, in particular, is lagging behind Asia in terms of adopting 5G. However, it is coming. It isn’t all about the fibre optics underground but mobile technology itself will depend heavily on the abundance and connectivity between mobile cells and the 5G wireless networks that are in place. This will impact on the need for more and faster broadband capabilities. The Internet of Things (IoT) will further drive this need for connectivity for our hospitals, for transport, education, engineering, science and for broadcasting. This is, of course, only the tip of the iceberg as demand grows in our economy. In China they are advancing some of their technologies at such a fast pace – the next generation of AI and machine learning for controlling vast communication networks hasn’t even arrived in Western countries – such as the ultra fast PoE Switch that automatically manages building networks through machine learning and AI – until now that is. At Pronimen we pride ourselves on providing the best ‘state of the art’ communications technologies available to our clients. We work closely with research scientists all over the world to ensure that the fibre optics we design and manufacture are of the highest possible quality and configurations. Smart Cities are fast becoming the norm.  If we are to be economically vibrant and powerful as business communities, our leaders must act as visionaries and embrace the future of Smart Cities, for the wellbeing of all of our citizens.

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