A Practical Course

A behavioural insights workshop course for businesses, companies, hotels selling to customers, clients & guests through mobile devices & desktop computers


The Customer

  • Traditional Customer | Client | Guest – Prior to the age of the internet, reaching and influencing a customer, client, or guest was typically achieved with face to face meetings, advertising in newspapers, magazines, or billboards, and from word and mouth, i.e. recommendations from family & friends etc

  • Modern Customer | Client | Guest – Increasingly, today’s customer, client, guest, buyer, shopper is reached through some form of electronic or mobile device (i.e. current estimates are between 60-80% of global purchases) are made online.

The Salesperson

  • Traditional Salesperson | Marketing Department – Prior to the age of the internet, a salesperson reached their customer, or client by telephone, and face to face meetings through appointments, while marketing departments reach was through product launches, advertisements, events, and conferences, etc

  • Modern Salesperson | Marketing Department – Increasingly, today’s modern salesperson and marketing department have found themselves requiring advanced knowledge and insights as to how their customers think. This course is aimed at filling in the missing blanks and providing those answers.

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The Solution

  • Modern Solutions – Bricked walled, ignored, ghosted, are all common issue facing modern businesses, companies and hotels of today. Often salespeople find themselves stonewalled with little to no feedback.

    To reach and influence the modern customer, client, guest, buyer, or shopper, acquiring an understanding of how to “remotely” reach the mind of an individual through their electronic device is considered a prerequisite. This course is aimed at furnishing and providing that information.

Sales and Selling to Customers Through Their Mobile Devices

Sales and Selling to Customers Through Their Mobile Devices

Who is This Course For?





The workshop course is for professionals selling products or services to customers, clients, guests Who Use Mobile Devices

The Course

A practical 1 or 3 day workshop style course aimed businesses, companies, hotels facing digital customer challenges

The course is professional yet fun | relaxed yet engaging | insightful and knowledagble

  • Internationally focused – All PR-BPS Courses/Workshops are globally focused, incorporating “Big Data, Big Picture”

  • Academic & Layman – Our applied learning approach reaches all spectrums and diversities

  • Digital & Physical – All courses and workshops are digitally and physically delivered making them suitable for all

Dave G-Morgan

Wrkshp/Crse Facilitator

David is Qualified in business psychology (adv.hons.dip.psy). He has over 25 years Telco/Communications/Data Experience, and over 15 years vocational workshop/course delivery experience.

Whether you’re looking for an industry COO with an abundance of technological, communications, digital 5G, artificial intelligence application knowledge, or you just want to know the practical how, what’s and why’s of what todays technology can do for your business. Or maybe you’re a deep diver into the psychology of it all with an insatiable appetite to reach the minds of customers, clients and guest “remotely”. If this is you, then David’s eye-opening, professional, intensely research data rich, fun to attend workshop courses might be right up your street.

David operates on an International basis (with all courses in English/Chinese and translatable into other languages.

Course Delivery


Workshop/Course Insights Learning

  • Big Data – How big data tech companies have changed (2020) and the new benefits to be derived from them
  • Big Data Insights – How analytical insights can grow your business in un-considered ways

  • Behavioural Insights – Peak inside the customers mind, gain knowledge of operant conditioning, feedback loop analysis, and contrastive analysis
  • Systems Biology – Learn to use positive subliminal, supra perceptional programming, and gain insights to how selective attention can win business.

  • Influencers – Aquire insights and knowledge how to positively influence the brain impacting human behaviour.

In One Sentence

Overall the workshop course aims to provide technological, psychology, and behavioural insights, knowledge and skills to enable and equip businesses, companies, and hotels to reach their customer, client, guest through their mobile smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.

1 To 3 Day WORKSHOP /COURSES @Your Place (we come to you)

1 To 3 Day COURSES @Your Place (we come to you)

Course Costs

Mix and Match Workshop / Courses

1 Day Workshop/Course

From £150PP (Min 20)
  • 1 Day PR-BPS301-POSDA workshop course
  • Onsite Round Table Room Based
  • Materials Provided
  • Animated Presentations – Engaging Workshops – Films

3 Day MIX & MATCH Workshop/Course

From £200PP (Min 20)
  • Choose from any 3 workshop courses – i.e. Mix and Match
  • Onsite Round Table Room Based
  • Materials Provided
  • Animated Presentations – Engaging Workshops – Films

One Click Away From Positive Change

One Click Away From Positive Change

This year we’ve added digital leadership as one of our core competencies our leaders must have in order to be promoted – Jacqui Canney WallMart

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