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Dave G-Morgan

Meet Dave

Dave has been a life-long fitness student, though during his years ageing, and to put it mildly “he spread out a little“. Too bodily conscious to attend a gym, around mid 2014 Dave began resistance training from home.

From August to December 2016, combined with an intensive home fitness program, Dave lost a total of 19.5KG. Since then he has managed to maintain both his new weight and physique. Yet having been a purchaser of several inferior fitness items, David began to search for a solution. A long story cut short, during 2019, Dave and a small team from Pronimen set about designing, sourcing and manufacturing fitness products themselves.

Dave & Product Background

Our Core Principles

Pronimen take customer preferences, responsibility and trust very seriously. Pronimen’s aim is to go further and beyond delivering transformational products, our emphasis is to produce Heavy Duty everyday items that last, i.e. longevity –  that represent VFM (Value for Money – something Pronimen feel very strongly about). Pronimen are committed to producing environmentally friendly, approved and accredited products as equally as they are dedicated to quality, innovation and excellence.

  • Product Over Profits

  • Constantly Strive for Quality

  • Always Apply Extra Mile

  • Be Human, Be Honest

  • Work Smarter

  • Reply Promptly

  • Customer Come First

  • No Quibble Returns

  • Be 100% Transparent

  • Listen To Customers


Why Pronimen?

Our Core Values


Pronimen take “responsibility” very seriously. It’s a key attribute woven into the foundational fabric and daily mind-set of all that are connected. Pronimen are very aware of their core responsibilities, their required tasks, duties, and customer expectations.


Back in 2oo3, “trust” that was at the very heart of Pronimen’s formation. When a prospective customer laid our their desires, trust began in the form of a “Gentlemen’s Agreement“. To Pronimen “trust” is a pivotal attribute that when reciprocated forms an unspoken respect between both parties.


Integrity is a natural aspect of Pronimen’s daily existence, it’s a quality (for over 18 years) they have demonstrated with unwavering consistency. Pronimen staff act with genuine integrity and sincere honesty, putting themselves in the shoes of their customers. They are unrivalled in their upfront honesty”

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Pronimen Manufactured Products

This website is updated daily and will populate with products on a regular basis

We Know You Want it Fast……

Percentage of “On Time Orders” produced and delivered within a buyers time frame 99.9%

Pronimen Make Products, So You Don’t Have To 

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