Dave G-Morgan

Meet Dave

Dave has been a life-long fitness student, though during his years ageing, “he spread out a little“.

Too bodily conscious to attend a gym, Dave began resistance training from home.

From August to December 2016, combined with an intensive home fitness program, Dave lost a total of 19.5KG. Since then he has managed to maintain both his new weight and physique. Yet with a combination of constant travelling and purchasing inferior fitness items, David began to search for a solution. A long story cut short, Dave and a small team from Pronimen set about designing, sourcing and manufacturing fitness products that would last.

My Story

I am married to and have 2 lovely boys – I met, married, and birthed our children in the UK.

In the early years my career path was with manufacturing specialist cables for B.T. and at the turn of the new millenium a work opportunity arose to relocate to Shanghai China (we still look back in amazement at that). Nevertheless from around early 2000’s to present day my role is manufacturing underground network cables commonly known as broadband fibre.

My Journey Back to Fitness

As a lifelong “fitness student“, I’d always frequented a gym until an illness fell upon me. During a 10/11 year down period, (as one can see from the photos), both comfort and weight caught up with me.

Getting back to fitness began with home training in 2010, 2012, then 2014, yet it wasn’t until the autumn of 2016 that things really leaped forward.

From August 2016 to December 2016, adopting a Ketogenic Diet and a rigourous home class, my weight dropped 19.5KG (or 3 stone) – From 84KG to 64.5KG or (from 13.2 stone to 10 stone).

Why Fitness Products?

Returning to the UK – Meant adapting to life.

Aside from the challenging space seen in the picture slide show and have no close access to a gym – My motivation grew from buying things that did not resemble it’s advertised pictures, goods that were inferior quality, or items that didn’t turn up at all.

Initially the challenge was to make products for smaller spaces that worked “and lasted“, and to make equipment that did not break or damage furniture. This extended to items that were strong but lightweight and could easily packed away, which further extended to items that could go “travelling”.

Visit The Shop

At the moment we have a small yet fast growing selection of home gym, fitness training equipment.

Why I Resistance Train

  • For Everyone – The really nice thing about resistance bands and tubes is that they fairly light and can be transported and stored anywhere. They can give as much pleasure to an individual who practices yoga or stretching, as they do for the serious fitness, or gym athlete.
  • Targets A Wider Area – Opposed to machines or weights, which have their place. Resistance bands and tubes target a wider area, and performing a slightly different job. That is, instead of isolating the muscle, resistance training targets the overall muscle area and surrounding muscle groups making them more suitable for fat burning, toning (quicker definition) even muscle building (by stretching the bands further from the point of security and performing more repetitions).

In One Sentence

While I loved the gym and still visit ( a rarity now), 95% of my own training is performed at home using some form of resistance equipment.