Pronimen is an ODM – Original Design Manufacturers.

Pronimen, though less well known until now, has historically supplied manufactured cable products under the auspices of other well known brands such as Virgin, BT and Sky. The market has changed so that there is a more seamless and transparent approach to communication networks and the larger corporations and OEMs are more focused on quality and innovation which is why they have chosen brands – like 1st tier manufacturers like Pronimen.


Pronimen Design The Future Of Communications Through Innovation

We are supported by a team of dedicated professionals who have specialist knowledge in all sectors of IT and the communications industry. We invest heavily in Research and Development so that our clients receive the most up to date technology. We work closely with Innovative Research facilities at Universities all over the world.

Pronimen is a 1st tier ‘state of the art’ design, manufacturer and supplier of optical fibre and quality cables to high profile brands such as Virgin, BT and Sky. 

Chief Executive Officer – John Rainford has worked as a consultant on technology and innovation for major research and technology companies such as Shell Global Solutions, ABB and Rolls Royce. He has lectured widely around the world and is considered a thought leader in conceptualising future for smart cities, dynamic communications and AI. He is a network partner with CISCO.
Chief Operations Officer – Dave Morgan is a Design Engineer and has worked for Marconi, British Telecom and Microsoft on physical infrastructure and communications network projects, pioneering research on hybrid and optical fibre communications. He has lectured widely in the telecoms industry.
Chief Product Officer – Ming Ren’s career began in Diplomatic and public relations and moved to the media, including film and television. She then progressed to the telecommunications industry dealing extensively with products and services. Ming is very much hands on and client focused and is highly respected in the industry for her diligence and attention to detail.
Chief Information Officer – Dane Vincent’s expertise is in Research for Technology Hardware, software and Communication devices. He has worked for a number of multi- million dollar Blue Chip companies and has been designated partner status with Google, Microsoft and CISCO.
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A Few Words From The CEO

Creating a better world through innovation and technology. 

“Knowing others is intelligence, knowing yourself is true wisdom.” Lao Tzu. 

Pronimen has been a trusted and pivotal force in the manufacture of fibre optics and copper cable networks for the telecoms industry since 2003, working with BT, Virgin and ABB. Like many Smart companies, in the 4th technological age, we have learned, adapted and we have grown. Today with communication technologies changing pace so rapidly, we, as designers and manufacturers, have the responsibility of transferring best practice through education and innovation, so that we undertake ‘inclusive projects’ and, wherever possible, we share the bigger picture in terms of applications in the telecoms and communications industry in smart towns and smart cities. We are not box or product shifters, our mission is to impart knowledge so that our clients can make ‘informed decisions.’ 

With the maturity of Smart Phones, comes the emergence of Smart Homes, Smart factories and Smart Cities. Our lectures on 5G, Smart Cities and Digital Transformation are in demand all over the world. We explain the scientific difference between high quality Grade A, B and C fibre and standard fibres. It not only makes a difference to the performance and hyper fast speeds of data that can be achieved but to the longevity of the networks infrastructure itself.

We provide an outline plan for the networks infrastructure and the applications through easy to follow educational network roadmaps that we have devised for the private and public sectors.

At Pronimen, we pride ourselves on being digital educators as well as collaborators, designers and manufacturers, working closely with our clients, with researchers and commercial scientists, always seeking the best, most advanced and innovative solutions. Forging alliances and building trust among partners and collaborative business network models across eco-systems will be vital for the development and economic impact of 5G.

Our CEO’s Passions Extended 

INNOVATIVE Fibre optics that imitate DNA – the basic structure of life. in Fibre Optics – Connecting nature to the real world. Fibre optic cables use pulses of light to transmit information, but currently information can only be stored through the colour of the light, and whether the wave is horizontal or vertical. What is innovation? It’s a practical output that stems from creativity. You might say that Da Vinci was indeed creative and even innovative, but unless it has a practical and or perceived value then it is not yet innovation. We can learn much from nature itself such as the immune system, if the ideas or responses to external stimuli are not effective the organism dies. So it is the same with business organisations or engineering projects such as telecoms, if it is not appropriate – for the market – it can be a costly exercise. I will make references to Complex Adaptive Systems as we investigate the notion of innovation – it is through these analytical approaches that we give rise to innovation. Preparing the mind for innovation is just as important as the innovation itself. As Ford famously said “If we asked people if they want to travel faster, they would say – give me faster horses”. The problem we have today with scientists, industrialists and entrepreneurs is opening their minds to other possibilities. The latest breakthrough for fibre optics can make the internet up to 100 times faster simply because it follows a similar pattern to the double helix (DNA) structure. In nature we are surrounded by eco-systems that have taken millions of years to form. Even simple organisms have to adapt. There is so much to learn form studying complex adaptive systems and emulating some of the rich configuration of data that emanates from natural systems. Lets focus on the issues for fibre-optics, we know that it is the most efficient means of physically transmitting information (unless we have a vacuum) is through pure glass (note though, there are many grades of purification). It is the through the colour and wave differentials (up and down) that we determine the information. Researchers from RMIT University have discovered that the more we can create angular (or spiral) momentum like in the Helix – the more information we can carry. Not only is the light following a twisted path like the Helix, it is being detected by a new way of reading the information. The detector is less than a hairs width. Min Gu said that we are producing the 1st chip that can display a mobile application. Gu is Professor at the University of Shanghai, Specialising in optical imaging. He is Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Research Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University (RMIT University). > We offer courses on Innovation and Technology and what it means in practical terms.

Darwin Matrix

Complex Adaptive Systems have been used to guide businesses such as Space X and is used Quantum Physics and is fundamental to how we can achieve Innovation (see darwinmatrix.com ). “An observing ‘Complex Adaptive System’ determines the regularities compared to the incidentals within an organisation.” says Gell-Mann, a keen proponent of Complex Adaptive Systems, sees CAS as a way of understanding organisational effectiveness. Gell-Mann transformed physics, and coined the term ‘quarks’. He was a Nobel prize winner for his work on sub atomic particles.

John Rainford – CEO

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Pronimen FAQ’s

Who are Pronimen?2020-01-10T15:59:33+00:00

Pronimen are 1st tier manufacturers born in 2003. Originally commissioned by BT/Marconi (now Telent) and Hanwei to manufacture (BT3002) overseas.

From 2003 to date – Pronimen has been a pivotal force in the manufacture of copper and fibre optics cable, assemblies and associated network infrastructure products.

Historically, Pronimen manufactured and supplied cable under the guise of “private-labelling” to well known global household Telco brands. During the past decade markets have evolved and today a more seamless & transparent approach has seen the larger corporations and OEMs bear preference for a quality brand like Pronimen.

Pronimen manufactures under it’s own name, i.e. “Pronimen” and it’s associated “HyperFastFibre” and “HyperFast” Product labels.

Are Pronimen traders, sourcers, agents etc?2020-01-10T14:41:57+00:00

First and foremost Pronimen are 1st tier manufacturers, though they may be more accurately described as an O.D.M (Original Design Manufacturer), yet their procurement team has over 40 years products sourcing and have on more than one occasion passed on those benefits. They would be more than happy to help, advise, or assist in sourcing and product on your behalf.

If a comparison may be drawn Pronimen are not too dissimilar to that of Apple Computers (albeit there is no connection), yet like Apple and many other leading global brands who design in one location and manufacturer in other. Pronimen operate similar.

Pronimen design largely in the UK, (in conjunction with Telecommunication Operators and OEM’s) and manufacturer mainly in China, with an emphasis on ownership of tooling.

Ownership of tooling signifies that Pronimen own all design, machine moulds, and casting tools required to manufacturer own product. From product perspective, ownership of tooling typically costs between £3,000 and £30,000 GBP per product variation, NOT passed onto customer.

Many manufacturers today operate on a ODM basis, while the factory acts as a surrogate host, products and quality preside with the ODM’r.

As an example: From the same factory utilising the same production line, two different products can be made using two very different moulds, for two different companies, producing similar or two very different products as well as differing grades of product.

Does Pronimen offer credit facilities?2020-01-10T14:42:35+00:00

Subject to standard Dun and Bradstreet credit checks, Pronimen may be able to offer extended payment facilities.

Are Pronimen approved vendors, and are they on vendor supplier lists?2020-01-10T14:42:58+00:00

Yes Pronimen are fully approved supply vendors to numerous global operators, and telecommunication supply chains.

Do you work to NDA’a (non disclosure agreements)?2020-01-10T14:43:23+00:00

Yes, since their conception Pronimen have entered into a number of NDA’s with several global operators and are more than happy to look at, discuss, and potentially enter into your company’s non disclosure terms and conditions.

Pronimen treat privacy and confidence with the utmost respect taking NDA’s very seriously.

Never heard of Pronimen – How Can I trust?2020-01-10T14:43:42+00:00

While Pronimen have been around since 2003, their Directors have been industry emersed since early 1990’s.

Pronimen gained BT approval in 2005, Etisalat approval in 2006, EIR approval around 2012.

Pronimen have designed, manufactured and labelled several market products such as DSLAM’s, G-FAST, and now 5G HyperFastFibre.

Though NDA’s Pronimen have supplied dozens of telecommunications operator on a global scale, as well as popular present day cable brands.

Over 1 million Products & Services Sold!






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