Why Pronimen?


Whether its a client, customer. Pronimen take “responsibility” seriously. From the ground up, responsibility is a key attribute that’s woven into the foundational fabric and daily mind-set of all that are connected. From design to technical, quoting to costing, sales to after-sales/service care, Pronimen are very aware of their core responsibilities, their required tasks, duties, and client expectations.

“Pronimen take responsibility very seriously – They don’t hamper clients to engage with them, they will design without expectation, quote without hounding for an order, and will engage and disengage in line with their clients wishes”. 


Back in 2oo3, “trust” that was at the very heart of Pronimen’s formation. When a prospective client laid our their un-met desires, trust began in the form of a visionary exchange. Trust then evolved to a verbal exchange, progressing to a “Gentlemen’s Agreement” and finally to a handshake.

“Pronimen operate on the premise that “trust” is a pivotal attribute that when reciprocated forms an unspoken respect between both parties that stretch beyond products, services and profits. At the same time, trust is what makes products, services and profit possible.”  


Wikipedia – integrity is being honest and showing a consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles and values.

“Integrity is a natural aspect of Pronimen’s daily existence, it’s a quality (for over 18 years) they have demonstrated with unwavering consistency. Pronimen staff act with genuine integrity and sincere honesty, putting themselves in the shoes of others. They are unrivalled in their upfront honesty”

Our Core Principles

Pronimen understand accountability and responsibility to corporate clients, prospective customers and employees who all require Pronimen to go further and faster in delivering sustainable services and transformational products. Pronimen are committed to improving and strengthening communities with environmentally friendly manufacturing as equally as they are dedicated to innovation and excellence.

  • People Over Profits

  • Constantly Strive for Quality

  • Always Apply Extra Mile

  • Be Human, Be Honest

  • Work Smart

  • Always Be Available

  • Clients Come First

  • Strive to Thrive

  • Be Transparent

  • Listen & Learn

Fast, Efficient & Easy to Deal with

Percentage of “On Time Orders” produced and delivered within the buyers time frame 99.9%
  • Fast – Pronimen produce and deliver within some of the shortest lead times possible, making them an industry favourite for procurement departments and buyers who work on tight budgets, low stock requirements and minimal company cash outlay. A typical order manufactured to a clients bespoke requirement delivered door to door can be as little as 4 weeks, though averages between 6-12 weeks, and where design and new tooling are required a maximum of 16 weeks. Rarely do Pronimen operate outside this field.

  • Efficient – Historically Pronimen have consistently produced high grade premium products at the lowest prices without sacrificing quality or delivery times.

  • Easy – When a buyer reaches out,  Pronimen, do their utmost to understand the procurement process. There is no pressure to engage, and no hounding for a order. Pronimen do not pursue, or pester buyers, (they move to the buyers perspective and price, quote, cost, assist, help, or advise then step back). Pronimen will engage at a buyers request, then disengage to allow time and space for contemplation. They are flexible, friendly and easy to deal with.

Procurement FAQ’s

Who are Pronimen?2020-01-10T15:59:33+00:00

Pronimen are 1st tier manufacturers born in 2003. Originally commissioned by BT/Marconi (now Telent) and Hanwei to manufacture (BT3002) overseas.

From 2003 to date – Pronimen has been a pivotal force in the manufacture of copper and fibre optics cable, assemblies and associated network infrastructure products.

Historically, Pronimen manufactured and supplied cable under the guise of “private-labelling” to well known global household Telco brands. During the past decade markets have evolved and today a more seamless & transparent approach has seen the larger corporations and OEMs bear preference for a quality brand like Pronimen.

Pronimen manufactures under it’s own name, i.e. “Pronimen” and it’s associated “HyperFastFibre” and “HyperFast” Product labels.

Are Pronimen traders, sourcers, agents etc?2020-01-10T14:41:57+00:00

First and foremost Pronimen are 1st tier manufacturers, though they may be more accurately described as an O.D.M (Original Design Manufacturer), yet their procurement team has over 40 years products sourcing and have on more than one occasion passed on those benefits. They would be more than happy to help, advise, or assist in sourcing and product on your behalf.

If a comparison may be drawn Pronimen are not too dissimilar to that of Apple Computers (albeit there is no connection), yet like Apple and many other leading global brands who design in one location and manufacturer in other. Pronimen operate similar.

Pronimen design largely in the UK, (in conjunction with Telecommunication Operators and OEM’s) and manufacturer mainly in China, with an emphasis on ownership of tooling.

Ownership of tooling signifies that Pronimen own all design, machine moulds, and casting tools required to manufacturer own product. From product perspective, ownership of tooling typically costs between £3,000 and £30,000 GBP per product variation, NOT passed onto customer.

Many manufacturers today operate on a ODM basis, while the factory acts as a surrogate host, products and quality preside with the ODM’r.

As an example: From the same factory utilising the same production line, two different products can be made using two very different moulds, for two different companies, producing similar or two very different products as well as differing grades of product.

Does Pronimen offer credit facilities?2020-01-10T14:42:35+00:00

Subject to standard Dun and Bradstreet credit checks, Pronimen may be able to offer extended payment facilities.

Are Pronimen approved vendors, and are they on vendor supplier lists?2020-01-10T14:42:58+00:00

Yes Pronimen are fully approved supply vendors to numerous global operators, and telecommunication supply chains.

Do you work to NDA’a (non disclosure agreements)?2020-01-10T14:43:23+00:00

Yes, since their conception Pronimen have entered into a number of NDA’s with several global operators and are more than happy to look at, discuss, and potentially enter into your company’s non disclosure terms and conditions.

Pronimen treat privacy and confidence with the utmost respect taking NDA’s very seriously.

Never heard of Pronimen – How Can I trust?2020-01-10T14:43:42+00:00

While Pronimen have been around since 2003, their Directors have been industry emersed since early 1990’s.

Pronimen gained BT approval in 2005, Etisalat approval in 2006, EIR approval around 2012.

Pronimen have designed, manufactured and labelled several market products such as DSLAM’s, G-FAST, and now 5G HyperFastFibre.

Though NDA’s Pronimen have supplied dozens of telecommunications operator on a global scale, as well as popular present day cable brands.

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