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From low noise unobtrusive small ariel aircraft – To high end professional industrial / commercial services.

Dronetography by Pronimen are fully qualified CAA Approved pilots and EC785/2004 commercial insurance compliant.

Whether it’s a private home, real estate, industrial or commercial building you’re looking to photograph & film (in the highest definition possible), or whether it’s an industrial/commercial requirement such as building or site survey, roof, tower visual inspections, or thermal image, or 3D mapping, scouting, progress planning, safety/stock/building asset checking, or maybe your a farmer and want to explore what a UAV/Drone can save you time, money, and energy with your land, wood, livestock.

We are here to assist – Even if that enquiry goes nowhere, we will help you to understand what a UAV/Drone can do for your business.


During the past 12 months, we have provided more than 1000 hours of Dronetography.


Surveying | Photographing | Filming | Mapping | Thermal Imaging

In it’s simplest terms, imagine seeing what the birds see. Imagine being able to fly high in the sky and capture images and film the way the birds see it.

Yet it goes further. Imagine seeing things that birds can’t see. Imagine, instantly magnifying and zooming in on things to see close ups from a distance, or seeing something from every possible angle.

Now imagine you can see anything you wish to see. From recording a wedding to filming a property, to checking a commercial building, electrical pylon, telephone mast, powerline or somewhere that just hard to reach, like a roof, a lake, a forest, a field or felids.

Small & Powerful

Unobtrusive | Low-Noise | Indoor & Out

5K High Definition Recording

Meet Mavic

This low noise unobtrusive smallish drone flies inside and out capturing stunning images and 5K high definition video. Though, rest assured safety is of the highest priority, the whole reason Pronimen drones fly with a well versed licensed pilot, (ex-helicopter experience) and when flown indoors, your property is fully protected by both the skill of the pilot, and the safety guards covering the propellers.

You come up with the idea and we will survey, photo, or film it, and if required, we will edit and compile your footage into an eye catching film/presentation.

Real Estate | Commercial | Private Events

Property & Real Estate

Showcase Your Home Like Never Before

Dronetography Inside & Out

Life From Another Angle

Showcase property like its never been shown before. Capture stunning angles, show the surrounding area, highlight selling points, show aerial, street and roof top views.

Worried about the neighbours?  This low noise unobtrusive drone is nimble, not that noticeable, it’s as noiseless as drones go (the quietest) and it’s inside the Government parameters therefore does not breach any privacy laws.

For most, it’s all filmed and done without any fuss. The end result is stunning images and film to keep forever.

How Long Does it Take?

As a general rule, anywhere between an hour or two, unless the property is large with lots of garden/land whereby either a full morning or afternoon is advisable.

The Price


Hourly - Half Day - Full Day

Hourly Rate

£125 Inclusive of drone/drones and pilot (we may use one of more drone)

Half Day Rate

£300 Inclusive of drone/drones and pilot (we may use one of more drone)

Full Day Rate

£500 Inclusive of drone/drones and pilot (we may use one of more drone)


Overall | Different | Cheaper

Overall there is very little in the way of pricing variation when comparing standard fibre to the latest HyperFastFibre.

Unlike copper cable (the predecessor to standard fibre), laying fibre can be more time consuming requiring considerable more care and extra tooling. In fact it has been said that 50% of todays poor fibre speeds are down to poor installation rather than inferior fibre. That said, in todays competitive market environments the importance of fibre grading has become paramount (often derived as a result of less than optimum performing systems).

HyperFastFibre has a differing approach – From initial core fibre construction to under/overground installation, to final end user experience – an optimised premium can be derived. From concept to completion, the overall cost is the same if not less than a standard, or other equal systems, though because HyperFastFibre delivers the highest, i.e “optimum end user experience – derived from it’s core manufacturing differences”, it has built in longevity, providing passive dividends back to it’s investors.

  • Faster Fibre Rod

  • Faster Bend Radius
  • Faster Overall
  • Lasts Longer
  • Quicker Install
  • Passive Returns

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