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Digital Leadership


Leadership for ‘Digital Transformation’ the Pronimen way

Digital transformation is the process of using digital technologies to evolve, create new — or modify existing — business processes, culture, customer experiences or communications infrastructure internally and externally to meet the changing business conditions and market requirements. What new knowledge and training is required for Smart Thinking in Smart Cities and Smart Towns. Digital transformation strategy demands a new approach to talent, one that embraces diversity, creativity and analytical thinking. We know how! 

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There are 3 types of companies…

One that is pro-active and makes changes, one that watches change, and one that wonders what just happened to their company. Which one are you?


Digital transformation is the integration of of technology into your business, changing the way you operate and create value for your customers. It applies to infrastructure (how do we plan for a valued communications network?) as well as education and training.  


A course that prepares you for the tsunami of digital technologies as well as AI – IoT and Blockchain – that will help you to thrive and survive.


This is for leaders and managers that wish to acquire Proactive and Adaptive leadership for these new technology driven Businesses.


It is one, three or 5 days depending on the level you wish to attain. 


According to Forbes over 80% of todays businesses, indeed all institutions in their present form will not be here unless they adapt to new ways of thinking. Todays technological evolution is all about leadership. Without an understanding of the implication of the Technologies such as AI and IoT – businesses today will be at a disadvantage, new technologies may create more efficient ways of working, but if people resist the take up of new technologies, we simply will not have the benefits or the competitive advantage that the promise of these technologies can provide.

What we need is a different perspective based on knowledge and insight so that we can manage and lead the technological and management changes necessary. In other words – be pro-active through strategic ‘know how’ rather than be on the back foot and reactive to our competitors strategies. We need to lead from the front and be aware of the implications of these new technologies before our competitors do. This course helps to prepare leaders and managers to embrace new transformational ways of thinking?


You will have a practical roadmap as to how you should implement and establish digital transformation. 

You will understand the challenges and the solutions to digital transformation.

You will learn the most up to date thought and adaptive leadership processes in terms of technology and its practical applications.

You will know how to develop your own strategic digital transformation.

You will understand how and be able to use our diagnostic tools to evaluate your own digital transformation needs.

You will understand how the customer journey will dictate the future operations of your company and in what way.

It will increase profits and reduce costs, we look at how.

How to get buy in and help your people to embrace new ways of digital working through knowledge and insights.

How internet speeds and science will benefit smart cities and smart businesses.

Improved market penetration.

How to create new digital business models.

How to reduce the financial risk of digital implementation.

Discover some of the more advanced techniques of disruptive technologies and how they will affect your company.

Building your digital plan with goals and objectives.

A step by step digital framework for your to follow, so you can develop your own business model.

Measuring processes to show and monitor your success (see Darwin Matrix below).