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We are entering a new and exciting era, we are in a competitive global race for prosperity. If our people want to get ahead in the technology and economic race, we need to practise and apply Digital Leadership. Digital transformation in a business context it is all about competitive advantage and creating new ways of thinking. The changing technologies demand new business models and new ways of evaluating value.

is about removing the mental blocks that hold businesses back in a fast changing world. It’s about finding out what you don’t know – about your business and how the future of networks will impact your destiny. Putting your head in the sand is not an option for a thriving business community. 5G is just one element that will task your workforce. Analysing data from IoT will be able to give your customers and yourself a better picture on how internally efficient and customer centric you are and will be. Without the support and buy in from your employees and customers you will find this difficult – that is why we use the Darwin Matrix diagnostic process (complex adaptive systems) that analyses and presents you with an holistic picture of what you need in the digital age so that you remain competitive. Whether it is getting your customers closer to you by making business engagement easier and eventually locking them into an ongoing mutual relationship where both parties benefit, or whether it is helping your business become more relevant to a changing market place. Whatever the circumstances or challenges, forging ahead with a business strategy that relies on past experience no longer cuts it – and we have to respond with a more pro-active approach – if we want to survive and prosper. 

Digital transformation goes much deeper than just customer retention, it involves creating better products or services that your clients help to co-create, or co-evolve. It is, in effect, seeing the big picture and embracing your clients’ issues. Digital transformation means that you can evolve with your clients. This requires a new mindset – and this is the real challenge for businesses today. Doing what you have always done – isn’t going to work – as the world moves faster in technological terms – this is ripe for business people to take hold of a new competitive mindset. This affects every part of your business –  from operations to marketing and, most importantly, your own workforce. If you would like to know more about how this process can change the way you see things – then get in touch. Happy to share our success stories. The same process incidentally has been used with Shell Global Solutions, ABB and Rolls Royce. Sorry about the plug. We give lectures on digital transformation, 5G, AI, IoT and Blockchain and, of course telecommunications, and the impact  of new technologies on smart towns and cities – and applications all over the world, including at the world’s top business schools and technological universities. Please see

We offer global courses on Transformational Leadership, Monetising and Building a 5G Network, Digital Transformation, Entrepreneurship, Complex Adaptive Systems, Creating Smart Cities, Creating Business Models and Networks for Smart Towns that embrace Innovation and Technology.

OEM and Design Manufacturers.

Prominent, though less well known until now, has historically supplied manufactured cable products under the auspices of other well known brands such as Virgin, BT and Sky. The market has changed so that there is a more seamless and transparent approach to communication networks and the larger corporations and OEMs are more focused on quality and innovation which is why they have chosen brands – like 1st tier manufacturers like Pronimen.