How To Spot A Dodgy Chinese Seller on Ebay

How To Spot A Dodgy Chinese Seller on Ebay COVID-19 - At present there is a global shortage of not only fitness, but most all product coming out from China, which has spawned and now feeding an endless amount of unscrupulous sellers. Please please be aware there are a vast number of Chinese sellers [...]

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CoronaVirus & Home Fitness Supply Update

Pronimen Retail Direct 15th April Update 8.45 am All backlog orders have been processed and are out for delivery - May I thank you, thank you, thank you for your patience and wish you all the best with home training. Without wishing to sell, yet if the corona drags on and you wish to expand [...]

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The Story Behind the Power-Banks

HOW THE POWER BANKS COME ABOUT? It was around 2017 while walking around ChongQing in China that we first came across "power banks". Unsure what they were at the time yet in need of extra mobile phone power, (( after a little on the spot street haggling )), we purchased our first power banks. [...]

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