15 Infographics on the Psychology of Online Sales & Marketing

15 Infographics on the Psychology of Online Sales & Marketing A great resource of Infographic Data for those venturing into online selling, and those who want to further their research into "consumer behaviour insights" https://www.ometrics.com/blog/infographics-psychology-digital-marketing/

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Smart City Wireless Charging

Creating cleaner, quieter and better-connected communities. Convenient and connected As an infrastructure solution, our mission is to enable smart cities connectivity, all while providing convenient and reliable access to EV charging. For EVs to be a true revolution, they need to be accessible to everyone. That’s why our focus is on-street residential charging, [...]

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How Elon Musk solves his procurement problems…

As SpaceX fires more satellites into orbit to help with the 5G explosion around the world, it  makes you wonder what the future holds. Are we now controlling trillions of atoms (albeit temporarily) through nothing more than a concept, a thought if you will, that originated in Elon Musk's head? Doesn't this technological and [...]

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