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About Us


Creating a better world through innovation and technology. 

“Knowing others is intelligence, knowing yourself is true wisdom.” Lao Tzu. 

Pronimen has been a trusted and pivotal force in the manufacture of fibre optics and copper cable networks for the telecoms industry since 2003, working with BT, Virgin and ABB. Like many Smart companies, in the 4th technological age, we have learned, adapted and we have grown. Today with communication technologies changing pace so rapidly, we, as designers and manufacturers, have the responsibility of transferring best practice through education and innovation, so that we undertake ‘inclusive projects’ and, wherever possible, we share the bigger picture in terms of applications in the telecoms and communications industry in smart towns and smart cities. We are not box or product shifters, our mission is to impart knowledge so that our clients can make ‘informed decisions.’ 

With the maturity of Smart Phones, comes the emergence of Smart Homes, Smart factories and Smart Cities. Our lectures on 5G, Smart Cities and Digital Transformation are in demand all over the world. We explain the scientific difference between high quality Grade A, B and C fibre and standard fibres. It not only makes a difference to the performance and hyper fast speeds of data that can be achieved but to the longevity of the networks infrastructure itself.

We provide an outline plan for the networks infrastructure and the applications through easy to follow educational network roadmaps that we have devised for the private and public sectors.

At Pronimen, we pride ourselves on being digital educators as well as collaborators, designers and manufacturers, working closely with our clients, with researchers and commercial scientists, always seeking the best, most advanced and innovative solutions. Forging alliances and building trust among partners and collaborative business network models across eco-systems will be vital for the development and economic impact of 5G.

John Rainford – CEO