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The Sample Example –

HDPE (High Density Poly Ethylene) and LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) ducting.

There are several combinations such as “all HDPE”, i.e. where the outer and Inner tubes are manufactured from HDPE. There is HDPE inner with LSZH outer and there is “all LSZH”, where both the outer and inner are manufactured from low smoke zero halogen materials.

Note: The wall differences also vary, 1.5mm to 3mm in the examples to the right, though dependant upon specification and application, the wall thickness can change.

For the 3mm wall ducting to the right. The outer diameter of the inner tubes are 12mm, while the inner diameter is 9mm.

Why Order Samples? – Put simply and like all products, nothing beats the real life touch. That is, while there are several manufactures, configurations and sizes etc, no two ducts are the same. Some ducts feel and are indeed stronger than others, while other ducts are flimsy and lack consistency.

Having the real life product in your hand “to play around with and bench test” is in our view a top priority and key to any decision making. At Pronimen we have already tried and tested putting each product through a rigorous 72 line check. More often than not, the resulting sample as seen above is months, sometimes up to a years worth of backend work.

What you get in your hand is assurance that every detail has been paid attention to.

From Experience

From Experience – Not all duct is good duct. Having exposure to almost every factory that produces ducting, the reality is such that while ducting is a relatively simple product to produce, there is a “caveat”.

From inconsistent extruding, to ingredient/material impurities, one doesn’t always get what the photo or indeed what the sample suggests. Here at Pronimen and part of our past success has been attention to detail. That is; from the handful of genuine duct manufacturers that supply 80% of the worlds needs, it goes without saying the remaining 20% are questionable to say the least.

The wheat from the chaff – One sure way to weed out the wheat from the chaff so to speak, is to audit your supplier. That is, does your duct come with a guarantee (most don’t), as once it leaves the factory, it’s considered finished for good. Next up is traceability, but what does it that mean? Traceability is where the product can be traced all the way back to the ingredients of the ingredients. That is; In the event of an untoward, or breakdown, or complete failure (which can happen – rarely, but it happens). The product, it’s true ingredients, how it was made, when it was made, where, batch, time, date, etc etc, can all be traced back to it’s point of birth – which ultimately means accountability and responsibility.

Reality is – (most can’t) and they can’t be because the process of accountability/responsibility is unlikely to be woven into your supply chain agreement. Yet here at Pronimen traceability, accountability and responsibility is a small part of who we are and what we do. It is also the reason our supply chain management has been recognised as “first class” from major global operators (their words), and it is a reason, not the only reason, but a reason China has become consistent.

Consistency comes at a cost – According to internet research, when a buyer is looking for a new product the number one search query is “price”, second up is “lead-time“, and third is “specification”. The reality is such that most suppliers/distributors will satisfy their clients needs in that order – Price, delivery, specification which equates to = cheap, quick, and manufactured to a rough spec – (this is the reality). Yet if and when the operator/provider requires a consistent product manufactured to their exacting specifications, then there is a cost to pay. However, that cost is not money, it is time and effort in sorting out the wheat from the chaff.



As you can see from the above and to the right image, HDPE and LSZH have different benefits, advantages and disadvantages.

When specifying or priming up a project, the beauty of Pronimen is such that we can work with you and your requirements. That is; while we are not here to teach you how to boil eggs, so to speak, we can advise which route is best for your project, installation, etc.

Saving you money – While businesses are in business to make money – our engineers have time and time again been faced with a specification that can best be described as an over indulgence. Thus, we have carved out a positive habit of re-prescribing an alternative material that on most occasions has resulted in the client saving money, time and energy. Pronimen has long been known for “right product over profits”. That is; Pronimen are in business to supply the needs of the client, rather than make vast profits.

What You See Is What You Get

What you get is the raw and direct sample. Nothing tampered, nothing added or taken away. What you get is a sample of the actual end product. That is; You get a sample of the the full production item, which means what you see is what you get.

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