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The Director

The question of direction is one to ask your inner-self, “Who’s directing your life?

Is that source of direction coming from an external or internal source? Is it coming from another person, persons’, group, or the inner-self?

Throughout life, it can be said that one is either ascending, or descending, getting closer too, or further away, growing with, or drifting from – the creator.

Internally man has (2) two directors, plus+ and minus- , left and right, negative- and positive+. They may appear as two yet they are one and the same thing (much like a coin has two sides). The coin is a coin, yet has a top and bottom, a head and a tail, one side and another. Man, and mankind is the same with the same dual forces of both positive and negative always in play. Though like two sides of the same coin, they are one and the same thing. That is, the positive side of man and negative side of man ((are both one and the same man)). He/she is one and the same, the difference is in the way man lives his/her life, and the outcome of that life is a cause, a consequence of the path/direction that man chooses.

Yet – Who is the chooser? – In which direction does man listen? Does he/she take and accept direction from the outside, or reach into and take direction/influence from the inside?



Word Magic

Every living-man is endowed with free-will, providing him/her with the faculty to choose which path or route to take – Choice is based on perception, sometimes perception is accepted consciously, other times unconsciously.

As one awakens to their environment often they ponder the following (that man is not be birthed, born or borne into this realm – this is the illusion) man only ever awakens. Please digest; as one only ever awakens. Ships/vessels are birthed, not man, as man is not a ship or vessel and borne in etymology means (in all senses not related to birth). Birth in the Blacks Law Dictionary 1st Edition 1891 means – the act of being born or wholly brought into separate existence. Yet act means to play out being something, or to make an agreement, or to move. And, if one is has a birth certificate, one may mistake this as proof of a birth, but this is not the case. In England, on each and every birth certificate it clearly states in red bold letters that the birth cert is not evidence of identity. Nor does it pertain to a live-birth. In days of old Certificates were issued for acts done, or goods exported, and when man awakens to the use of “word magic” (or doublespeak as its referred to by Governments) then man may begin the journey to reclaim and exercise his/her free will.

How important are word? In the Bible, and in the beginning God said! “God said” means god spoke words and brought the entire universe into being through words. We now know that words/sounds are vibrations that (attract or repel) matter which over the centuries man acting out and playing the illusionary game of being separate (which is where the word in-divid-ual stems from) in divide duality, thus man has been in the business of disguising words and their meanings for a long time.

Yet man is not and can never be separate – Intuition is living-mans proof of his/her connectedness. Yet if and when ones intuition is operating through and from the negative aspect of the ego, then one can easily become clouded or confused. The remedy for this is self reflection, quiet contemplation, and self enquiry through reflectiveness and prayer.



Connecting to the Creator Higher Soul Self

One method yet by no means the only method to connect the all this is, is; Before bed and again before rising, take a small amount of time to lay flat on a bed, turn ones attention inwards, self reflect and connect to the source of all that is. The source will not seek you, you must seek the source – ask and the creator will come forth – this is a universal principle the creator set forth himself. Yet know the creator will work with you, not for you and not against you – there are no sides beyond duality. The higher soul self is you and you are the higher soul self. It’s all an extension of you, and you an extension of it all – Oneness.

When reaching out, it may feel like nothing is happening (this is normal) yet over time, and time being the grace of God, the grace of the creator,,,,,, yet in time, ones higher soul self will begin the gentle process of dissolving the long attached negative aspect of the ego, of which communication will open up. Yet as the current mind is connected to the ego “time” is the tool that allows a seamless, painless, and peaceful transition to happen.

How much time? A day, a week, a year or more, yet once initiated, one will know for sure as there is no mistaking the piercing through of the creator higher soul self.


The Glands of Connection (The Superhighway)

Inside the brain there are two key glands

1 – The pineal gland (pine cone shaped, grain of rice size) the eye of God, the antenna to your creator higher soul self.

2 – The amygdala gland (almond shape and size) responsible for fear, anxiety etc.

In modern man the glands are the opposite way around, with the amygdala over functioning contributing towards, and keeping man in a perpetual state of anx, fear, and disengagement. Whereas the pineal when under functioning contributes towards feeling isolation, separate, abandoned, loss of faith, and bewilderment.

Imagine the both glands are likened to a mobile phone antenna, the stronger the amygdala and lesser the pineal, the more disconnected one feels, likewise, the stronger the pineal and the lesser the amygdala the more connected to the creator higher soul self one is.

Rebalance these two glands and God the creator comes forth, anx and fear diminish, connectedness returns and the journey to oneness begins.

How does one rebalance these two key physical glands and create their own superhighway? Follow TiA to 0003 – Developing A Super-Highway To The Creator Higher Soul Self

May the power and force of the creator bring forth and deliver what you currently seek.

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