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What is TiA?

When one engages in the practice of TiA, one will come to realise that TiA means different things to different people. In it’s most simplest term, TiA means The Inner Actioner (i.e the creator). At it’s opposite end (academically speaking) TiA means Transpersonal Intelligent Awareness (the same meaning).

TiA is a story, a life plan, and a business plan which evolves into The Creators plan. It is the creators way of initiating change, inner-standing and growth. It is the creators way of gently arousing and awakening the initiate. It is a bridge to inner-stand. It is awakening and beyond enlightenment, it is a path – a route. Yet it is by no means the only path/route (there are many).

As man (woman) is endowed with “free-will” it is for man (woman) to self reflect, select, connect and follow the path/route that resonates.

For this reason no credit is portioned to the hands of the writer. All material shared has settled, filtered and wherever possible, all personal ego, judgement, opinions, etc have been removed. That said, at times personal experience may be shared to assist with personal and professional advancement, with the choice of accepting or discarding left with your good self.

Broken down, Transpersonal is formed from two words “trans” meaning to cross, to go beyond while “personal” means private, pertaining to the self or to a self-conscious, i.e beyond the individual self.

Intelligent or “intelligence” refers to the intelligence of the creator. The intelligence that births, carries and unfolds each and every living man (woman). The intelligence that holds together the body’s 4 trillion atoms. The intelligence that exists beyond all man-kinds comprehension.

Awareness is described as follows; “awareness is all that exists”. That is; one is either aware or unaware. Aware of Æther, aware of the magnetising forces, principles and laws of the universe. Aware of the awarenessI am”, or “I am that I am” – Aware of Inner-standing and differences between these two parables.

TiA Applications

TiA is both personal and professional and may “with intent” be utilised as an aid to self develop individuals, groups, entire businesses, etc.

TiA is taught, practised and shared from the practical professional level of individual to team/group, via online, keynotes, videos, articles, books and modules.

Seamless Integration

Life is life, one and the same, both “explicate and implicate”.

An imbalance in one area of life effects the other, and vice versa – balance through “awareness” is the key to equilibrium.

Through it’s gentle teachings of life’s natural laws, principles and imparting of creator acquired knowledge, TiA is for the seeker.

All is one and one is all – The inner is the outer and the outer is the inner, the projection is seamless, as above so below, what one sows one reaps, cause and effect, consequences to actions.

0001 – TiA Begins Here

Since it’s initial inception (mid 2000’s) TiA has amassed hundreds and thousands of images, articles, videos, books and modules which until now have been archived.

TiA may be utilised for both personal and professional. For young and mature, for life and beyond, for awakening, advancement, and life beyond awakening etc.

TiA begins here, 0001 then 0002, then 0003 and so forth. Each post will carry a different theme, sometimes structured, sometimes random. All aimed at personal and professional growth and advancement of which I/we hope and trust you will find some benefit from.

May the power and force of the creator bring forth and deliver what you currently seek.

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