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Hi There

(updated for 2023)

First name is Ming, in full “Ming Ren”.

Ming native Chinese born and raised in ChongQing China, though nowadays living and working between both England and China.

Ming’s Working Life

Ming’s early years began working with a major British Architects Firm based in London, she then went onto Liberty’s of London, and to front up the launch and daily running of O.K Magazine in Shanghai China.

Since 2003 Ming has been largely operational within the Telecommunications Sector providing infrastructure and installation products from cable ties, to large scale SCM (supply chain management) projects.

Ming sources for for all, top tier companies such and has a long history with the likes of B.T, Eir, Vodafone, Sky, Three, Etisalat, Virgin, etc etc (the list is long) yet she also offers the similar provisions for distributors, sub-contractors and installers.

Written testimonials and recommendations accrediting Ming’s service are available upon request.

What Does Ming Do?

From simply sourcing (one product) to intricate excel SCM and BOM spread sheets across thousands of items. From for one roll of cable, to handling large complex office based vendor lists. From to managing a single part shipment, to annual/bi-annual contractual obligations. It’s all in a days work for Ming.

Where is Pronimen’s Catalogue?

Long story cut short – 99% of items are either bespoke, or produced under an agreement, i.e. NDA, or contract, or rolling-non binding agreements. That is, Ming sources, designs and produces products that her clients competitors would rather her not do. As a general rule and more often than not – A leading brand is made in the same factory, and at times their products are “dumbed down”. While to the naked eye products look the same – ingredients, thickness of materials, performance etc are often tweaked towards profits.

Ming has mastered the art (knack) of returning her clients with equal brand product, manufactured to a higher standard, supplied at a lower price. She is renowned for unwavering client privacy which over the years has matured into “strong trust”. This is the reason Pronimen do not produce a catalogue, i.e. we do not display our clients products to competitors or other industry suppliers.

Post Covid

During the initial lockdowns everything changed, and now post covid “risk mitigation” through experience, knowledge and understanding is Ming’s biggest asset.

As all supply chains continue to evolve, with the majority experiencing distruptions, ensuring an optimal flow is essential – This is where Ming comes in.

With over 20 years of direct experience , Ming’s impressive network of fully accredited suppliers continues to out-perform any rivals providing top-notch services to her clients with advantages that are above and beyond.

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